CliftonStrengths Testing

One of the more common interview questions that you get is “What are your strengths?” Taking the CliftonStrengths test helped me discover how I fit into a team and helped me identify further what makes me different from every other CA/CPA. I sometimes even give the results to a recruiter to show that I am restorative (find & fix problems) and an influencer (bring people together to accomplish a task) at heart. Which means, I am a great change manager. It is difficult to argue with the test results when you’re confronted with them in an interview for a position in which you’re interested.

This also can be used when building your team to ensure you have a good blend of talent. Although that’s a different conversation, you can learn more about it via their website (Please click here to visit) or can buy the book. The test costs approximately $85 US and I believe it took me 15-20 minutes to complete.

I’ve also put a video below to a great TEDx Talk video about the fact that people should begin to focus on the strengths that they bring to the workplace, rather than their weaknesses.