Studying for the CFE isn't like University

Everyone had their times in university when they stayed up studying night after night the week before exams—staying at the library until late, finding an all-night coffee shop, or just plugging in some good music and sitting for hours highlighting their textbooks mindlessly (and sadly lowering their resale value). 

The CFE isn't like having four university exams to study for within a two-week period.

  • It is impossible to memorize both the ASPE & IFRS handbooks
  • The study period spans a time far too long to maintain such a pace

    It's similar to training for a marathon. Your body needs time to recover and be trained to learn under the best conditions possible. So how do you create the best conditions? Eating and sleeping well and having a consistent study schedule are a few things to think about.

    I believe the video attached is a great starting point for your summer studying

    If you find this useful and want even more great advice for writing the CFE, please contact me to work as your mentor.