Can you mark every practice case that I write?

Technically, yes I could help with most of your cases. However, this would be a waste of your money. To be most beneficial, you need time between cases to work on my review notes. Most writers tend to do 1-3 cases per week with me. However, I do understand that every situation is unique and we can work together on what is right for you.

I'm not from Ontario, but can I still work with you?

Of course! Everything can be done electronically, so your location can be anywhere in the world! Anyone writing the CFE is welcomed!!!

Do you provide me with cases to write?

Sorry, but due to copyright laws I cannot distribute any cases to write. However, you should be able to utilize old CFE or UFE cases to get you through the process; which should be free for you to obtain as a CPA student.

How much notice do you need in order to mark one of my practice cases?

It depends on the circumstances. The more notice given, the easier it is to ensure that I have the capacity to mark your case. I will be honest if I might need additional time to mark, if shorter notice is given.

What payment types do you accept?

Interac email transfer is my preference.

How long does it take to get a practice case marked?

Comprehensive cases (Day 2) tend to take up to 5 days, while multi cases (Day 3) take up to 2 days, but I strive for next-day delivery.

What is your marking style?

I tend to give a lot (stressing this) of comments, and I am harder on writers in the earlier weeks of practice cases. My philosophy is if you can get through me, then you should have absolutely no issues with the CFE Board.

How many cases should I have marked by you?

I do not believe in making someone buy five or ten cases ahead of time. We can take it one case at a time and make sure that we work well, and that there is a good progression.

Even though I am working full time, can I still utilize your services?

Yes! I completely understand that writers don't always get as much time off as what the "Big 4" accounting firms give. I will work with you around your available time to make sure we are maximizing your study time.

I wrote a really bad case that I was supposed to submit to you. Is there a fee associated with cancelling?

What might be a "bad case" could be a good lesson. However, if we both agree that there are better cases to be marked, I have no issues with substituting for another case on another day. 

Why are you less interested to help me with a pure taxation case?

I have less to offer with respect to taxation because it entails pure memorization of the tax code.

Is it possible to use other case markers too?

When I was writing the UFE (yes, I am that old!), I utilized multiple friends to look at my cases to give me a different perspective. Everyone works differently and some people like this option. If I am one of those other voices for a case or two, I have no problem doing that for you.

Do you have a guarantee for passing the exam?

I will do everything possible to get you ready to write. However, I cannot 100% guarantee that you will be successful. 

If you have any other questions, please use the "Contact Me" page to enquire! I will be happy to address any of your questions.