How Does It Work?

As this is not a full-time job for myself, due to the exam only being offered once per year, I have limited the number of writers that I can assist with each year. So if you do have interest in utilizing my services, I would recommend that you contact me as soon as possible. I will respond back quickly with my availability. 

Services That I Offer:

  • Marking practice cases with a focus on how to get breadth and depth (most popular)
  • How to properly debrief your practice exams (very popular)
  • Review study schedule
  • Review your tracking of results and make any necessary adjustments
  • Keeping you in "the game" with mental preparation through studying and writing the exam.

How the Practice Case Marking Process Works:

  1. As noted above, please email me to ensure that I have availability to give you the necessary support to get you through the CFE process successfully. 
  2. I commence with a kick-off phone call to understand your background (amount of time off to study, first/repeat writer, family obligations, ESL etc...), learn why you have reached out to me, and what your current study plan is.
  3. Based on your study schedule, we will agree on how many cases you would like to send to me to be marked. I understand that things may change, but a general outline of the amount of help necessary is useful to managing my own time to assist other writers. 
  4. On the day that you write, you will submit the practice case, case solution, and your own solution via email.
  5. When I have finished marking your solution, I will send my comments and ratings back to you. Typical turnaround for a multi is up to 2 days, though I strive for next-day delivery. Comprehensive exams are usually within 5 days.

I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions based on my comments back. I can have a quick phone call or can answer via text or email. 

My Marking and General Style:

Everyone learns or works best in their own way, so I always try to be upfront about myself to ensure that anyone who works with me will be as comfortable as possible.

I am:

  • Straightforward: As I treat others how I want to be treated when I was writing. I wanted to know where I stood, I will be honest with you throughout the process.
  • Tough: Especially at the beginning. I move towards normalcy as we get closer to the exam. My belief is that if you can get past me, there is no reason to worry about the actual exam. This is in bold on purpose, as it shocks most writers initially. 
  • Sarcastic: Sometimes in my case comments, always on phone calls.
  • Talkative: This will come through with comments on your cases. Typically, I write more comments than other markers.
  • Flexible & Patient: I know that everyone has a personal and work life to balance with studying. I will do my best to work around it, as I have with previous writers.
  • A Voice of Reason: If the advice doesn't work for you, I won't push it down your throat (but there might be a few things that I will put up more of a struggle on). I will do my best to think of alternative ways to assist you.