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You can be a Big Four, a first-time writer, in industry, unemployed, or a repeat writer. I have helped Canadian CPA students through the CFE (formerly UFE) process since 2009. My ability to teach case writing and debriefing skills, together with my flexible and fun learning environment, have helped students from a variety of backgrounds make it through the CFE process successfully

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I was working in industry with no audit background, I received little guidance about how to pass the UFE. Luckily, Steven was there to guide me and truly tutor me on how to devise a proper answer to these cases. His heart is in the right place, and he really cared about ensuring I passed.

Nikolay L (2011 Writer)

Thank you for the helpful pointers on the case writing. It did bring a focused improvement towards my CFE writing. 

Faiz J (2019 Writer)

Coming from a mid-sized firm, there were few to no resources available to me for CFE marking, general advice, or the other necessary support one would find in a larger firm. Therefore, it was absolutely necessary to have someone act as my mentor and coach. This time in one’s career can be very stressful, but Steve provided emotional and practical support in dealing with that stress. Although Steve's marking/notes were tough, they helped me understand what the CFE graders look for and how to write concisely and efficiently to hit all the requirements. I recommend Steve highly as your CFE coach, as he is certainly “H/C - highly competent,” in my book!

SM (2016 Writer)

I recommend Steven 100% to anyone who is looking for an amazing mentor. His case marking was the very best!!! He wrote so many comments and explained what I needed to do to get a C on Accounting and Assurance after failing the exam the previous year because of it.

Cherie L (2014 Writer)

I was surprised that someone who is so funny and fun to talk with also managed to be a first-class case marker.  This was my second time doing so, as I had used other graders over the previous two years. He catches all the little things and does a wonderful job explaining what steps need to be taken to reach a competency. If you are reading this, believe me when I say that Steven is a fantastic investment in your future.

Katrina H (2013 Writer)

As a multiple time repeat writer, I did not want to risk a third fail and a friend who used him told me what a great job Steven did for him. What a great decision it was to hire him!!!! He was worth every penny when I saw my name on the pass list!

Baburaj N (2015 Writer)

You were an absolute miracle worker, SC. I felt hopeless, as I had little free time being a future mom, planning a wedding, and working part time. Steven was beyond accommodating and made a study schedule that was perfect for me. Every week that we worked together, I continued to grow and felt really confident and prepared. What I noticed was that my confidence was so great that I was prepared to face whatever was on that exam.  

Stephanie H (2014 Writer)

Steven is a tough marker, but truthfully it benefitted me. He gave me a lot of perspectives on how much work I still needed to do. Without his feedback, I would have marked myself as a “C” when it was really a “NC.” Steven has my full support if anyone wants to hire him.

Adam W (2017 Writer)
"Steven was an amazing tutor! His feedback, as hard as it was, truly helped me though the process. I was really struggling to get past RC until I was referred to him. I always appreciated his sense of humour and his flexibility to make sure I was as able to deal with the stress of the exam. Thank you so much Steve!" -- Ivan F (2013 Writer)
"Even though I was in the Big Four, I still needed the individual attention that Steven was able to give me. His ability to teach how to get depth and properly debrief really did make a big difference. If you have the chance, make sure you engage Steven! I can't say enough things about his abilities!!!" -- Kyle A (2017 Writer)
"My experience using Steven for the CPA exams was nothing short of excellent. He was extremely thorough and provided detailed responses. He was patient and happily answered all my questions. I’m confident that it was because of Steven’s approach that I was successful." -- Avi P (2015 Writer)
"I truly appreciate the personalised attention I got from Steven’s case marking, which brought about the biggest improvements in terms of handling my emotions during case writing. The feedback on my deficiencies as to time management, technical was extremely detailed almost at a line by line level. Steven possesses this art of pushing you ever so subtly and consistently to implement his tips. Thank you for keeping me calm and motivated during the final days of my CFE study." -- Rajiv M. (2019 Writer)


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