About Me

CFE Marking and Mentoring History

I have been working with CPA students since 2009. I started within the KPMG UFE (known as CFE now) program with repeat writers and administrative matters, as well as working for PASS as a case marker.

Subsequently, I was the first UFE coordinator at Bell Canada for the CATO program, and I started the CPA Co-op program, taking the lead on mentoring all participates.

As I was known as a strong marker within the PASS program, the owners began to refer some of their students to me for additional help in 2011. Since then, I have taken on writers from the PASS program or through word of mouth from my previous clients, with a very high success rate of mentoring everyone through the CFE process successfully.


I graduated from McMaster University in 2007, where I studied in the Degroote School of Business with a focus on Accounting & Economics. In 2010, I became a CA (now CPA). Lastly, I finished my executive MBA at both Queens & Cornell University in 2017.

I do hope to obtain my DBA in the future. However, it will likely be 3-5 years before I commence.

My Passions

I was born in Toronto, so was brought up to love my Maple Leafs, as painful as that can be. I have more hope now that we have been amazing at the draft table for the past 4-5 years or so: fingers crossed that we can take it to the next level over the next few years!

From my 13th birthday, I recieved a SLR camera and have been hooked on landscape photography since. My office usually is full of some of my favourites, which I love to put on wood so they look similar to an oil painting.

I just finished visiting 62 countries which I took nearly 15 months off from working full-time. It was an amazing experience and I have almost become a walking travel guide to friends and family since I've returned to Canada. Since I was a kid, I've been obsessed, particularly, with travelling around Australia, and I was fortunate enough to do some schooling and work in Adelaide and Melbourne.